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Know What Your Customer Really Wants

Published April 24, 2018

It is tempting to just guess what your customers want.  If you are right more often than wrong, that should work, right?

What if your competition is doing a better job a predicting and responding to customer wants and needs? To take it a step further, and think what happens when your customers finds that competitor.  What reason would they have to stay with your firm?

In today’s marketplace it is not about having just a single edge over your competitors.

When we ask “Know What Your Customer Really Wants” we aren’t looking for a single item answer. Why? Because your customer is looking for just a single parameter either.

Consumers have more power than ever before and they are far less loyal and far less trusting than they used to be. This is especially true in industries whose reputations suffered during the financial crisis, including banking, pharmaceuticals, energy, airlines and media. But even if you're in an unrelated brand or product based industry or retailer, you’re likely to feel some of the same effects.

Thanks to social media, easy on-line comparison-shopping, and a proliferation of choices customer use those options. Economic uncertainty and data overload confuse customers as well, making them less interested in products than in flexible, adaptive solutions.

What do you do about customer interaction when they need help either pre or post sales? Do you have multiple points of contact and if so how do you coordinate them? Have you ever had a customer who fell through the cracks? Did that cost you a sale or get negative social media feedback?

SMART Service Desk has your solution and we can custom tailor it to any size business.

Our solutions allow you to look beyond your core business and understand your customer’s full range of choices, as well as his or her ecosystem of suppliers, partners etc., of which you should be part.  This exercise will also deepen your understanding of competitors and help you better anticipate their moves.

We allow you to understands and track all customers’ experiences as they traverse your company’s pathways and note where the experience breaks down.  If you can’t exactly put yourself through a customer experience, try role-playing exercises at all points of the customer’s experience with your company.

What is your company doing to both serve you customer and improve your understanding of those valuable customers? A quick call to SMART Service Desk can get your new year off to a profitable start.


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