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Customer Service: When Less Is More

Published July 27, 2018

We have all heard the old adage “When Less Is More.” Is it true? Can less ever be more?

Is this the thought process behind it “Do less, the customers probably won’t leave, and you’ll save some money along the way.”

Remember, you can’t distinguish your business by just not screwing up.

Performing competently is the bottom line cost of entry in business. Making a human connection is what brings customers back, and gets them to tell others to come along as well.

Second, if you never get beyond just not screwing up, you’re a sitting duck. If your competition does a better job they will earn your customers away from you.

You’re waiting – along with the market, which will cheer when this happens – for something truly better, more human, more enchanting to come along.

If you want to establish a competitive position for your business through service, you have to give your customers more than your competition does. Instead of trying to figure out what you can get away with not giving them, and hoping they don’t catch on. An approach which maybe works for a mobile provider or credit card issuer with high cost to exit — but only until the next disruptive competitor comes along.

The approach of giving customers more — more delight, and more efficiency — requires commitment. Thought. And honest to goodness effort. But it’s worth it, because customers can tell the difference.

Every business owner dreams of finding the magic bullet that will increase creativity, boost productivity, and improve morale. Surprisingly, one of the most effective solutions may be the most counter-intuitive: sometimes less effort, not more, yields optimal results.

If your business lacks motivation, the result is low performance. This is not surprising. As your motivation increases, your performance increases, to a point. This point is the sweet spot of optimal performance. Then, as you become more goal-obsessed, performance paradoxically decreases. Goals increase stress and cause you to fixate on the future rather than the present.

SMART Service Desk IT Service Management Software is a great start to creating your very own customer service legends. We know that your satisfied customers will return again and again. Let us help you increase productivity, reduce operations cost and improve customer experience with our ITIL compliant solutions. No matter the size of your business we have your customer retention solutions.


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